CryptoJobs.Link was "brewing" yet recognizing the challenges of Talent Acquisition that Startups and organizations faced in the cryptocurrencies and blockchain industry. We have identified the in-between gaps and aim to drive through them to bridge the gaps narrower as we move forward.

With decades of combined experience in recruitment, we understand the challenges that Startups and job seekers face today. We aim to create a better leverage and platform for Startup and Unicorns Hire in both crypto and blockchain industries- and help connect the right talent fit within their growing and emerging business.Take control of your hiring, Register with CryptoJobs.Link today and start posting your roles.

By means of our uniquely built software and operations, starting up - and growing - businesses find untapped talent markets and conveniently locate the personnel they want for various roles in their enterprise.


We are a small team of professional headhunters and business managers who have worked in various industries in the past. The growing talent acquisition problem and its endless costs encouraged us to bring our expertise into this domain in which our team has also invested. As an experienced group of talent marketers, we came together to solve this problem for crypto business owners and Crypto Jobs.Link was born.


With the glowing rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, business owners have come to realize talent acquisition in this industry is a big challenge. With the full potential of the industry unexplored, acquiring the right talent for the team has led many a starting up a leader to resort to faulty hiring strategies.

In contrast, Crypto Jobs utilizes a strong network of partners to create high-quality job listings that reach relevant professionals, allowing you to find truly motivated individuals who are passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain.


Nikolas Kostopoulos:  

Nikolas is the strategic leader and founder of CryptoJobs.Link With many years of experience working as an independent consultant for cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses, he has brought priceless insights from the industry to our team. He is a strong believer in the advantages blockchain can deliver to businesses in various industries and wants his client organizations to experience these benefits with the right teams.Nikolas was schooled in policymaking and is a frequent speaker, moderator, and consultant specializing in blockchain and talent retention in the industry.