Crypto Jobs is a growing job portal and recruitment agency that is helping blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses (and other recruitment agencies dedicated to these fields) find the right professionals from talent pools around the world.

We are dedicated to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. With these domains, we can help you locate all kinds of professionals needed for your – or your client’s – business.

As a professional recruitment agency dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrency, working with us saves you all the time and resources you would spend during the administration of this complete exercise. With our active listing strategies, your vacancies are listed to the top online portals and our strong network of social media partners, which allows you to get highly relevant resumes and inquiries at a speed you could not achieve on your own.

We have a unique business strategy that is focused on getting our clients the best possible candidates out of global talent pools for their vacancies. Our operations strategy sets us apart from the rest; we use progressive and active listing of jobs on popular online portals that are followed by the growing number of professionals working in the cryptocurrency and blockchain domains. This allows the job listings you place with our services to be displayed aggressively on these portals and on social pages of our partners. In return, this strategy leads to fast and relevant inquiries.

We have a very simplified business model, which means our pricing is also simple. We offer two types of pricing packages: Free and Premium.

With the free package, you get to post a maximum of two job listings on all of our portals and social media without paying a cent. You will only be required to register for a new account on our database.

With the premium package, you can post unlimited job listings on our portals and social pages for $75 paid every month in cryptocurrency. You will be required to make a register for a premium user account.

If you need an agent feel free to contact us info@cryptojobs.link to offer you the best solution for your company!

The process is quite simple and does not take long usually. The talent pools we have access to include professionals in various kinds of expertise - from programming to security (and all in between) - and the jobs you post are processed and sent for publishing instantly. So, you can expect to receive inquiries and resumes from relevant candidates within a day after you post your job.

We accept only cryptocurrency for our fees. You can pay our monthly fee using any of the popular cryptocurrencies, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Expanse, Waves, Ethereum Classic. 

If you wish to proceed with a payment with fiat currency, please let us know and we will guide you through the available options.